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Remotely monitor and manage TP-Link Omada routers, switches, and wireless access points

Join Over 2,000 Happy Customers

Thanks again for putting so much thought into the service, it definitely shows to those who look.

David Szpunar

Servant 42

We shifted to HostiFi from Cloud Keys at dozens of customer sites; this has greatly improved our network managed services. It saves us time, keeps us more secure and it helps us sell more confidently.

Jeremy Treister

CMIT Solutions

Simple easy UniFi and UISP hosting at solid prices. HostiFi takes care of server and controller updates. What more could you ask for! Support is great too!

Terry Moon

Computer Pro

The HostiFi Advantage

Instant Setup

Setup and installation are automatic. Just a few minutes after subscribing, your server will be ready to add devices to.

Great reputable company, highly recommend.

Sam Sheridan

Sheridan Computers

Dedicated Support

We are available to help you support your network via live chat, phone, and email.

I have been using HostiFi for just over a month and have to say the service they provide is excellent. Reilly and Safwan are both very knowledgeable on the UniFi product line and how the controller works. Keep up the good work and look forward to working with you for years to come!

Cody MacCallum

Mactelecom Networks


We're on top of security. SSH access is key only, 2FA is implemented, servers are regularly updated, and open ports are limited to UniFi.

All base OS updates and security patches are maintained for you and they thoroughly test Ubiquiti software and firmware releases before pushing them to their hosted servers. Cut my monthly management time to nothing every month. Zero downtime and I know the controller is always stable and secure.

Tate Petry

Petry Farms

Updates Included

We take care of testing and applying server updates. No downtime for your networks!

When I’m reading about other service providers having to go out and replace dead/bricked UniFi Cloud Key controllers, I’m thankful that I have HostiFi in my corner! They test UniFi updates before deploying them to our controller so we aren’t stuck on the receiving end of a faulty update.

Andrew Schmitt

Power House Custom Computing

And Many More Benefits

We are committed to providing our customers with as much value as possible.

24/7 Monitoring

We use Zabbix to monitor and alert us on dozens of data points including UniFi uptime, disk usage, memory, and more

Nightly Backups

All plans include nightly off-site backups to two locations which are securely stored on DigitalOcean Spaces and Backblaze B2

Migration Support

We provide step by step instructions and live support for migrating sites from an existing controller or adding a device


All servers come with Let’s Encrypt installed by default! No browser warnings or struggling with complicated scripts

About HostiFi

A message from Reilly

I started HostiFi to provide better support for Ubiquiti products

Before HostiFi, I was operating an IT service business and installing Ubiquiti products for my customers. It didn't make sense to me to purchase a Cloud Key for each site to manage the devices when I could install UniFi on one cloud server and connect all of the locations to it instead.

There were some challenges involved with that though. I had to figure out how to get it working, install an SSL certificate for it, create a backup strategy, secure the server, and regularly  test and apply new updates.

I created HostiFi to provide that as a service for others, and from the start we've focused on building relationships with our customers and providing quality support and services.

Reilly Chase

Founder, HostiFi

2,000+ Happy Customers

Simple Pricing

Remotely monitor and manage TP-Link Omada devices

250 Omada Devices


per month

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Up to 250 Devices
  • Custom Domain
1,000 Omada Devices


per month

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Up to 1,000 Devices
  • Custom Domain


Starting at $1,000 per month

  • Contracts
  • Payment via Invoice
  • Integrations
250 Omada Devices


per year

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Up to 250 Devices
  • Custom Domain
1,000 Omada Devices


per year

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Up to 1,000 Devices
  • Custom Domain


Starting at $10,000 per year

  • Contracts
  • Payment via Invoice
  • Integrations

30-Day Money Back Promise

Give us a try! If HostiFi turns out not to be a good fit in under 30 days, you can get a full refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I migrate or add new devices?

It's easy to migrate your existing sites using the site migration wizard in Omada, and can be done remotely. We also have a guide on how to add new devices.

Where are your servers located?

We use Vultr as our infrastructure provider and we can move your server to a location of your choosing in North America, Europe, Asia, or Australia.

Can I use my own custom domain name?

Yes. By default we will create a subdomain of for you to use, but you can also set up your own domain name for your server.

Can I use the Omada mobile app?

Yes, you can download the Omada app from the App Store or Google Play, then follow our guide to connect it to your server.

Is it easy to upgrade if needed?

Yes, if you need to upgrade your plan just let our team know. We will take care of the server and billing changes. No migration or downtime involved.

What is the scope of your support?

Our team provides support for both the server and the devices via live chat, phone, and email.

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