First look at the UXG Pro

First look at hardware, ports and an unboxing from Safwan

The new UXG Pro was launched back in March this year, after an extensive time in beta. Ubiquiti first announced that it was working on a new dedicated firewall product in June 2020 and it would untimely replace the ageing USG line of devices. However, in spent almost two years in the beta process. Here at HostiFi, we have had the new UXG Pro for a little while already and have covered the adoption process to HostiFi hosted UniFi controllers as well as some configuration for IDS/IPS.

In this blog post, we will cover the ports, specs and then at the end of the article there is an unboxing video form Safwan, one of the support agents who works at HostiFi. Getting newly released Ubiquti equipment in India is a tedious and expensive process but he managed to get his hands on one.

On the front of the UXG Pro is the same screen we find on the other devices Ubiquti has recently released, such as the UDM Pro, UDM SE and the newest generation of UniFi Switches.

UXG Pro LCM screen

The screen is 1.3-inches and can be used to check statistics of the ports on the device, safely shutdown the router as well as check the IP address. It is also used to tell the user what to do during the initial setup, such as plug in a WAN cable or if it cannot connect to the ISP for any reason.

Over on the right hand side are the four network interfaces, two RJ45 and two SFP+ ports. The UXG Pro has two WAN ports and can be used to failover to a backup WAN in the event the main WAN goes offline, or with a recent firmware update for the device, it now supports WAN load-balancing.

UXG Pro ports

The ports can be remapped, so for example if you wanted both WANs to be SFP+ and then one LAN to be RJ45 that is possible within the UniFi Controller.

On the back of the unit are the three power connectors. On the left is the USP connection for the USP RPS device. Ubiquiti offers this device for redundant power using its own hardware device.

UXG Pro power

On the right is the standard IEC connector for the input and then next to it is the SmartPower connector. My unit is from Europe, therefore it is just a female IEC connector, presumably to make things easier for the different plugs in the UK and EU. On the US version, this is just an US AC mains socket instead.

The UXG Pro can be adopted to HostiFi using our guide here, at For instructions about how to SSH into a UXG Pro, see this guide here.



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