UISP Wave Overview

We take a look at the new UISP Wave family and what you can do with it

Alex Lowe

March 2, 2023

Back in December, Ubiquiti launched the first products to GA as part of the new UISP Wave line. They are a range of PtMP 60GHz devices aimed at WISP operators and are capable of 1Gbps speeds, over distances at up to 8km. All of the UISP Wave devices feature a 60GHz radio as well as a backup 5GHz radio, which while it isn't utilising airMAX, it does use 802.11ax (WiFi 6). Ubiquti announced UISP Wave in summer 2022 and there are many more devices coming soon.

Earlier last month, I published a lengthy video to the HostiFi YouTube channel taking a look at the UISP Wave AP and Wave Nano. The video looks at how to physically mount both devices to a pole and the whole process of adding them to the UISP Application and using the UISP Mobile app on iOS.


In the video, we looked at the main basestation, the Wave AP. It can be purchased from the official Ubiquiti store in the US for PRICE. It is also available in the UK and EU for a similar price. The Wave AP can handle up to 15 stations and is a 30° sector, and will become a 90° sector when three APs are paired together. For power, the Wave AP requires passive 48v or 24v PoE, it doesn't support any active PoE standards, such as 802.3af, 802.3at or 802.3bt.

For data communication, the RJ45 port is 2.5GbE and there is also a 10GbE SFP+ port for deployments that require higher speeds.


Ubiquiti has specified on its website that the Wave AP requires 4-pair PoE on both 48v and 24v. However, in our testing it does work fine on 2-pair 24v, but your milage may vary. There is more detail in the YouTube video which is down below, but the mounting process is a little different to most Ubiquiti antennas, with the bolts being clicked into place in the back of the AP.

On the back of the Wave AP, there is a lot of dials for finite adjustment. Unlike 5GHz, 60GHz is very sensitive and the physical beamwidth is very small, so any large adjustments when aligning the Wave AP can make a huge difference. For this reason, the dials are slow to make much change to the angle of the AP.

UISP Wave Nano

In the video below, we looked at the Wave Nano, the entry level CPE device for the UISP Wave lineup. As of writing, Ubiquiti does have a more powerful CPE, with the Wave Long-Range but they are pretty similar, just capable of longer distances. For range, Ubiquiti states 5km and like other devices, it supports both 60GHz and 5GHz.

UISP Wave Nano

The UISP Wave Nano reminded me of the NanoBeam, part of the airMAX AC devices. The main difference being the size, as the Wave Nano has a large 41 dBi antenna. The mounting is pretty simple, with a U shaped bracket that clicks into place and then using small nuts, gets secured. You then use a hose clamp to secure it to the pole or tower.

More products coming soon

Ubiquiti has more Wave devices coming soon, so far we only have the Wave AP, Wave Nano and the Wave Long Range. However, the Mesh AP and Wave Professional and both coming soon. Ubiquiti announced the full lineup on YouTube in summer 2022.

UISP Application

Of course, with any UISP provider devices, the management software you can use is the UISP Application. Here at HostiFi, we host the UISP Application and our support team can help you migrate your devices from an existing installation and assist you with any questions you have. The UISP Application allows for 24/7 monitoring of your devices, from airMAX, EdgeMAX, airFiber and UISP Wave - plus much more.

UISP can send you alerts when devices go offline, track statistics and even handle billing for your MSP or WISP.



HostiFi provides hosting for both Ubiquiti and TP-Link software-defined-networking (SDN) applications, with servers for UniFi, UISP and Omada. We also offer professional networking consulting, with HostiFi Pro.

If you run into any issues, send an email to or contact us via live chat.

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