UniFi World Conference London 2024 - What was it like?

I went to UniFi World Conference London 2024, this is what it was like

Alex Lowe

May 8, 2024

Ubiquiti has had a very busy few weeks recently, the team was touring a lot of countries in a matter of weeks to give people the opportunity to ask questions, meet with Ubiquiti Product managers. There was also the chance to hear from the founder and CEO, Robert Pera and also meet like minded people and do some networking.


However, I attended the London version of the conference on 22nd April 2024 and this is what it was like. Reilly Chase and some other staff members from HostiFi also attended the event in Chicago in March and based on their experiences =, some aspects were pretty similar.

There are some things that I can't write about here as Ubiquiti did tease some new products that are coming soon, and we did get a chance to see them in person. Some devices such as the UDM Pro Max were shown off at the conference and then subsequently released the day after.


The venue and location were top notch. Ubiquiti chose the 8 Northumberland Avenue events centre which has a hotel in the same building. It is hard to gauge how many people were there, but I estimate at least a few hundred visitors. To get in your ID was checked and a landyard handed out.

UWC 2024 Lanyard

The event it self did start quite late due to the amount of delay that was involved in checking everyone in, however that wasn't a huge issue. Good thing the breakfast and coffee were provided in the aptly named networking room!

Robert Pera and other talks

Once everyone had funnelled into the events room, Ubiquiti CEO and founder Robert Pera spoke for around 45 minutes about the origins of the company, his background incase people didn't know and the state of the current product lines and where it is heading. Robert also took a Q&A session from members of the audience.

Other than the talk from Robert, other product managers also gave talks about WiFi 7, future of gateways and also Access and Protect and how they tie in together. Then, an IT manager for a large UK pub chain gave a talk about how they use UniFi in remote locations, combined with Starlink and 4G.

Hands on

At the start of the day and during the lunch and other breaks, we did get some hands on time with some upcoming products which I can't mention here, but also some more recently released devices including UniFi Access Intercom, AI Pro cameras and more.

Aptly named 'Networking room'


Ubiquiti has always been quite a shy company, in terms of how much stuff it does in person and says publicly. Yes sometimes you can find them at WISPAPALOOZA and other WISP events, but this is their first event they have put on themselves. It was really good to hear direct from the company and get an opportunity to ask questions to product managers and the CEO. I really hope Ubiquiti does more of these in the future.


HostiFi provides hosting for both Ubiquiti and TP-Link software-defined-networking (SDN) applications, with servers for UniFi, UISP and Omada. We also offer professional networking consulting, with HostiFi Pro.

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