Ubiquiti drops support for the original UC-CK with UniFi 7.3.76

Original Cloud Key has been dropped from support with the RC release of UniFi 7.3.76

Ubiquiti has today released UniFi 7.3.76 to the general public, but only in a Release Candidate for now. Once this version gets released to GA, the team here at HostiFi will vet the new features, test for any bugs that could impact customers and if all good - we'll then release it to all servers. However, we noticed something in the release notes that could impact a lot of people using the original Cloud Key (UC-CK) from 2016.

Ubiquiti announced the original Cloud Key back in 2016 as the Las Vegas WISPAPALOOZA of that year. There is a lost YouTube video somewhere out there of the keynote address that Ubiquiti CEO, Robert Pera gave where he revealed this new device as well as some new (at the time) gear for airMAX and UniFi.

However, today Ubiquiti has released UniFi 7.3.76 to the RC channel and it drops support for the original Cloud Key. In the release notes over on, Ubiquuti says "Support for the UC-CK has been dropped in UniFi Network 7.3 and newer." and mentions that the UC-CK is classed as a vintage product.

What do I do if I have a UC-CK?

So what does this mean for people using the original Cloud Key? Well you might be ok for a while, but bear in mind that any future security issues that come up for the version have installed won't be fixed, we would recommend migrating to our UniFi service, HostiFi and we can help you move your devices over to ensure seamless operation.

You can find the full release notes for UniFi 7.3.76 here on

What else does UniFi 7.3.76 bring?

UniFi 7.3.76 brings support for the following top features:

  • WireGuard VPN server
  • Ad-blocking
  • VPN Client Routing
  • Debug Terminal has returned on new GUI
  • Logs in AP side panel
  • UXG Pro setup improved



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