Ubiquiti redesigns the landing page for UniFi OS Consoles

UniFi OS Console landing page after unifi.ui.com has been redesigned

Alex Lowe

July 28, 2022

Earlier today, Ubiquiti has quietly rolled out a new redesigned administration page for supported UniFi OS Consoles, if you are logging in via the unifi.ui.com portal. Prior to this update the landing page would be a topology view as well as what applications are installed and if they are up to date or not.


Instead, you are now launched straight into the page for updates, what is installed currently and more. The topology section has been moved from the front to the Map tab and there are clearer settings now for push notifications and emails. The new 'Devices' tab is where you can view all of your UniFi devices attached to this one device, be it UniFi Access, UniFi Network and UniFi Protect.


Lastly the notifications section has been made much cleaner, with a new option to get a notification if a drive has failed. This provides an easier way to manage notifications on your UniFi OS Console.


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