UISP Switch Revisited (2024)

We take another look at the UISP Switch, as it now features a GUI

Ubiquiti launched the UISP Switch in March 2022 and initially, it wasn't intended to have a GUI at all, instead Ubiquiti's idea would be to use the UISP Application to manage and configure the device and to get it initially adopted, you would need to use the UISP app on iOS or Android. Interestingly, the Early Access version of the UISP Switch, the UISP Switch Lite did initially have some sort of support for a local web interface, but this was removed before the GA release.

Introducing the GUI

However, in November 2023 Ubiquiti released UISP Switch 1.6.0 and it brought support for a local web GUI for the first time and this applies to the UISP Switch, Switch Plus and Switch Pro models. The GUI is much like what we see with with the EdgeSwitch 10X and XP models, the basic interface is very similar and has near identical functionality. We have support for VLAN management, PoE controls, LAG, STP and more.


Best use case for the UISP Switch

In terms of where to use the UISP Switch, it is primarily targeted towards the WISP and ISP world, with support for 27v passive PoE (which works with 24v passive PoE just fine). If you happen to be using a lot of Ubiquiti's PtP (point-to-point) and PtMP (point-to-multi-point) devices, all of these bar a few use 24v passive PoE and using them with any newer UniFi switches may result in some rather messy setups consisting of PoE converters etc.

Taking into consideration the PoE type this switch supports as well as the accessories Ubiquiti offers, the UISP line of switches is best combined with the PtP and PtMP devices Ubiquiti makes.

How to adopt to UISP

This all depends on what firmware version your device shipped with. Pre 1.6.0, you will need to use the UISP mobile app, have a running UISP controller and then upgrade the device and disable the cloud controller if you wish to use it locally. Post 1.6.0 you will be fine to set it up in the same way you would an EdgeSwitch. For a full guide, see our video below.



HostiFi provides hosting for both Ubiquiti and TP-Link software-defined-networking (SDN) applications, with servers for UniFi, UISP and Omada. We also offer professional networking consulting, with HostiFi Pro.

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