First look at the new UniFi Talk ATA

UniFi Talk ATA went GA recently, here is our first look

Alex Lowe

July 29, 2022

The new UniFi Talk Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) went on sale on the official Ubiquiti store in the US in May this year. This new product allows users to convert their existing telephony hardware and get them online with the UniFi Talk application. The UT-ATA is capable of handling two analog phone lines and can even handle fax machines. The UniFi Talk ATA costs just $19 in the US at the time of writing.


In terms of hardware, when I opened it I was surprised by the size. Judging by the images on Ubiquiti's website, I half expected it to be the same sort of size as the USW Flex mini switch. However it was a bit larger, I have placed the ATA and the Flex mini side by side to demonstrate. On the front there is a 3.39" display which will provide information about the primary line only as well as being able to view any IP address settings and even initiate a firmware update from the screen.

On the front panel is two quick actions to access DND and the voicemail menu.

On the rear are four ports. Two RJ11 sockets for connecting up your analog phones and one RJ45 port for data and PoE. The UT-ATA is powered over PoE+ (802.3af) or USB-C. A power adaptor is included in the box if you don't have PoE available. Ubiquiti has also added support for connecting via WiFi, if the device is in an awkward place without any wired networking.

However, judging by the product listing, it seems it will only work with UniFi WiFi access points - which makes sense.

Included in the box are a number of accessories; an angled desk mount, wall mount, wall mount installation card with bubble level, screws and anchors as well as a USB-C power adaptor.


Once the UT-ATA is adopted to the UniFi Talk controller, there are a number of settings to play around with. On the main overview we can view what numbers and users are assigned to the two lines on the device. For this example, I have myself assigned to both ports. In the mains settings, we can do the usual UniFi actions such as run a firmware update, forget the device or ask it to reboot.

The only advanced option is to enable the T.38 protocol on either line, which is used for the fax passthrough.


Overall, this is a nice device from Ubiquiti at a very affordable price point. Being a person in the UK, it will be nice when Ubiquiti brings the UniFi Talk devices and software over here but it seems the company is building out a very solid product line with good software to go alongside it. Very recently, Ubiquiti released UniFi Talk 1.17.0 which saw the settings page get redesigned and easier to use.


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