New: Introducing update scheduling for UniFi and UISP

This week we launched a new feature for our customer portal to allow flexible update scheduling

This week, we announced a new feature for the HostiFi customer portal related to how updates are managed and at the same time, giving flexibility to people who need it. For a long time, our customers have asked us if they can change when updates are pushed out and we have been working hard to make this a reality. Located under the 'Tools' option at you can now specify at what time and day of the week updates for UniFi and UISP servers are pushed out.

When Ubiquiti releases a new update for UniFi and UISP, we take time to test a multitude of scenarios before we push that update out to customer's servers. This is one of the many benefits we provide, when you choose to use HostiFi. Once we approve a new version, we then push that update out to a small batch of servers and if all goes well, we roll it out to everyone.

However, without telling customers when this update is taking place, it can cause disruptions especially when we have people around the globe on different time zones. This is where the new update scheduling feature comes in. You pick the day of the week, the time and the time zone you would best prefer an update to take place when it becomes available. Once we deem a new release ready for everyone, your server will only update at the time you have selected.



Contact HostiFi for all your UniFi and UISP hosting needs at, or by using the live chat on our website. HostiFi Pro offers professional network services, specialising in Ubiquiti hardware and software.

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