Ubiquiti introduces the U7-Pro, its first 802.11be AP

The U7 Pro is now available from Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti has just released the information about its latest model of UniFi Access Point with support for the newly signed off standard, 802.11be (WiFi 7). The new U7 Pro is on sale now from the official Ubiquiti online store for $189 in the US and £171.60 in the UK, although it is listed as "coming soon" in the latter.

What's new with 802.11be?

802.11be was introduced with a new program "Wi-Fi Certified 7" on 8th January 2024 by the WiFi Alliance to help certify new devices coming to market. The full ratification of the standard is not expected to to be finished until the end of 2024.

802.11be incorporates what we got with 802.11ax (WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E) with support for 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz with channel widths up to 320MHz by combining two 160GHz channel widths as well as Multi-Link Operation (MLO), something which allows uplink and downlink traffic to be split across different frequencies, which should allow better performance in crowded wireless environments.

Also new is something called Flexible Channel Utilization, which will allow APs and devices to use a section of a particular channel if there is interference detected on a subsection of a given channel.

What's the specs of the new U7 Pro

The new U7 Pro has the same footprint as the U6 Pro and it'll also work with the same mounts as other APs Ubiquiti has launched recently. The same metal mounting plate that comes with the following APs will work with the new U7 Pro:

  • U6-Enterprise
  • U6-Pro
  • U6-LR
  • UAP-AC-Pro

The main headlining feature here is support for 802.11be (WiFi 7) and Ubiquiti has confirmed that it will be supporting Multi-Link Operation (MLO). Ubiquiti has also confirmed on X that it will not be supporting BLE on this AP, in turn removing compatibility with the UP-Sense device.

The U7 Pro is powered by 802.3at (PoE+) and has a 2.5GbE Ethernet port, enabling much faster performance back to the wired network.


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