Ubiquiti releases UISP 1.4.8

UISP 1.4.8 is out now with support for GPON XGS OLT devices and more config options on UISP Router

This week, Ubiquiti has released a new update for the UISP application, bringing some usability improvements for the UISP Router, support for new UFiber OLT devices and many bug fixes.

At HostiFi we are testing out all the new features to make sure it is stable and suitable to be rolled out to our customers. Once this is deemed so, we'll be communicating it out.

Support for new UFiber GPON XGS devices

Over on the official UISP marketing website, Ubiquiti has already revealed more information about upcoming UISP hardware, including new UISP Routers and switches. However, the first major new product in the UFiber line was revealed, the GPON XGS devices which will take the fibre platform above 1Gbps for the first time, with ONUs capable of 2.5GbE and 10GbE.

UISP 1.4.8 adds support for these upcoming devices:

New GPON XGS devices

Bug fixes

  • Upcoming UISP Power devices (EA) are now properly supported in UISP
  • Some EdgeSwitch devices has issues showing PoE status, this is now resolved
  • Performance improvements for installs with lots of subscribers
  • Map performance improved

Much more

More information about the new UISP release, 1.4.8 can be found on the official community post on Ubiquiti's site. In the mean time, the team here at HostiFi is actively testing this release to make sure there are no nasty surprises, if all goes well we will likely push the update soon to our UniFi servers.



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