What is a good Ubiquiti GigaBeam alternative?

It seems that Ubiquiti has unofficially laid the GigaBeam to rest, with it being delisted from the store and out of stock for months

Alex Lowe

July 8, 2024

It seems that the Ubiquiti airMAX GigaBeam products may have been unofficially discontinued recently. When looking at the Ubiquiti Store the other day, I noticed that under UISP > 60GHz Wireless that the original GigaBeam products were missing, which includes the GigaBeam, GigaBeam Plus and the LR model. The products are still there if you search for them, but they have also been out of stock for quite a while too. Ubiquiti has done this before with the store when the USG line was being slowly replaced with the UXG devices, the USG and USG Pro were there if you searched for them, but didn't show up in the categories.

Will they be back in stock?

This question is hard to answer. We have asked Ubiquiti for any information and will update this article if we hear anything. Ubiquiti hasn't listed them under legacy or vintage so it is pretty clear that they'll be supported for many more years to come, but they might not get as much attention as they used to. Ubiquiti might re-stock them to help out users and installers who already have them and need a spare device, failing that some third party distributers should have them too.

What is a good GigaBeam alternative?

It is clear that this is UISP Wave. Ubiquiti now has a large array of devices designed for the CPE end of a PtMP network that come in all shapes and sizes. LTU also supports PtP connections too, but a different branch of firmware is required. We have the Pico, Nano, Long-Range and Pro. The airFiber 60 LR also can double as a Wave Client too. For any longer 60GHz connections, Ubiquiti has three different airFiber 60 models, with varying distance and wireless capacity.


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