Ubiquiti releases UniFi 7.5.174

UniFi 7.5.174 is out now and its available for HostiFi customers

Update - on 6th September, we decided to pull 7.5.174 due to issues with WiFi Networks.

Ubiquiti has released the first public version of UniFi Network 7.5 this week, with UniFi 7.5.174. Some people may have seen that 7.5.172 was released to the 'Release Candidate' channel, which never made it to the 'Official' channel due to some last minute tweaks that needed amending. This update contains major changes to the user interface, including a new animated topology view, latency tests for client devices, DNS Shield (which is coming later on) and a whole host of other improvments.

Over the last few days, our development team has been testing everything that has changed, due to it being quite a large release.

Customers can now choose a schedule for when updates on UniFi and UISP are carried out. Also new, is the ability to choose the version of UniFi you are on manually, via and you'll be able to upgrade or downgrade whenever you need to.

What's new with UniFi 7.5.174?

Topology View

First of all, we have a new topology view which is now animated to show the flow of traffic within your network. In our testing, this is limited to showing a maximum of 30 devices, likely due to keeping the user interface stable. This can be useful to show which device is using a lot of bandwidth when troubleshooting a network.

New animated topology view

Latency Test

Next is the new latency test for client devices. This will let UniFi ping a client device to check if the network is running well. However, a lot of devices such as smartphones and laptops don't respond to ICMP requests all to well sometimes, so take the results you get back with a pinch of salt.

Latency test

DNS Shield

DNS Shield is a new feature for UniFi and according to some reports from the Ubiquiti Community, this is DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and the standard is essentially designed to offer more secure transmission of DNS requests, helping to avoid some man-in-the-middle attacks. This feature isn't ready just yet and requires a UXG Pro on UniFi OS 3.2 or later.

Other notable changes

  • View client session time per AP (See how long a client is on each AP for in the client side panel)
  • Added support for more customisable columns
  • FQDN/Hostnames are now supported with IPsec Site-to-Site VPNs
  • Facebook WiFi autorisation has been removed

You can see the rest of the additions and bug fixes from 7.5.174 in the official release notes.


HostiFi provides hosting for both Ubiquiti and TP-Link software-defined-networking (SDN) applications, with servers for UniFi, UISP and Omada. We also offer professional networking consulting, with HostiFi Pro.

If you run into any issues, send an email to or contact us via live chat.

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