NEW! UniFi 7.5.176

We've updated 2,290 UniFi servers to version 7.2.92

All servers have now been updated to 7.2.92

Last week, HostiFi updated 2,259 UniFi servers from 7.1.78 to 7.2.92. This is quite a major update as it contains all the new features that Ubiquiti added with 7.2.91, which included local DNS record support for clients, OpenVPN client support and added back in the ability to change the antenna gain value for the UAP-AC-M.

The last update we did was early in September, which saw is upgrade from 7.1.66 to 7.1.68. See our blog post for more information.

We haven't gone straight to the latest version of UniFi, as our team always works hard to vet the update releases, and skip any versions that have issues or bugs.

As the tweet above details, for the first time in a while we actually did see some devices reboot once the UniFi controller was updated. An estimated 3% of the 313k devices connected to our servers were rebooted due to a new setting for legacy device support which was introduced in version 7.2.85. Our dev team researched this issue extensively and identified a particular setting, "pureg", which caused UAPs with certain configurations to reboot.

Once we knew this, we made sure to approach this update carefully. The update was rolled out last weekend, on late Saturday night and to help give customers more flexibility, the next time we have an update - customers can now choose a schedule for when updates on UniFi and UISP are carried out.

Latest Feature Release: UniFi Network 7.2.91

Version 7.2.92 includes all the major features and additions from version 7.2.91.

  • Add Local DNS Record support for Clients
  • Add OpenVPN client support. (requires 2.5.x/1.13.x FW)
  • Add Antenna Gain value for UAP-AC-M
  • Add internet health section in the dashboard
  • Add Speed Limit for Traffic Rules. (requires 2.5.x/1.13.x FW)

You can see the rest of the additions and bug fixes from 7.2.91 in Ubiquiti's full release notes.



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